Huna, Caithness, KW1 4YL

Stroma View is an established site overlooking the Pentland Firth with views of the
Orkney Islands. This site is placed about midway between the ferry at John o' Groats
and the roll-on roll-off ferry at Gills Bay. The site is open all year.

What's available at Stroma View Campsite

Hard Standing is provided for Motorhome / caravan / campervan etc., eight in total,
and sufficient grassed areas for ten average sized tents.

We can supply as many electric hook-ups as required (even for tenters).

Water for everyday use is provided free of charge, but in addition there is a water
fill-up point for Motorhome etc. (which costs 1 per fill extra).

A dog-walking area is provided at the rear of the campsite

A chemical disposal point is available.

There is one ladies washroom and one gents washroom
There are also (in total) four toilet cubicles.

There is a shower cubicle for the ladies and one for the gents - both
equipped with a seat and a wall fan heater.
Also provided is a washing-up and cooking room, with - two washing-up sinks,
drinking water, and a surface on which items can be cooked.

The proprietor(s)
The male campsite proprietor (John) can be as 'friendly and helpful' or as 'grumpy'
as you may require (but 'friendly and helpful' is the normal 'fall-back' position).

The female campsite proprietor (Rosemary), works hard and is 'friendly & helpful'
more or less all the time - regardless of the circumstances, and treats everyone,
whether old, young, male, female (or otherwise) - with equanimity.

If sending an email what we need to know is:-
* The date you will be arriving  

 * How many persons there will be  
 * What kind of unit you have       
     (Caravan/Motorhome/Tent etc)  - and
    * Anything else you might like to ask
In our reply we will advise if a place is available on the day required.
If arrangements have been made to come on a particular day,
then a place will be available for you
can, of course, just 'turn-up' if you like,
but don't forget - we cannot accept credit/debit cards

You do not pay anything before arriving here
(There is no need to pay a deposit)
Arrival and departure
We ask that fees be paid as soon as possible after arrival, 
and that visitors vacate the site by  12pm on day of departure


The above is provided for your elucidation - make of it what you will, this
is 'the way things are' regardless of what might appear elsewhere, and
 dispels the need of the 'opinions' of those preferring anonymity

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